Structural Damage Compilation 2

The irrepressible Structural Damage Records has released a brutal compilation of metal/punk/breakcore-mashups, and it features an exclusive Nailbomb Cults track ‘Volvo Prick’.

Structural Damage Records Compilation 2 Cover

  1. Digicore – The Guilty Masses
  2. Feuh – Fucking Asshole
  3. Danny Carnage – Harder Better Faster
  4. Miss Helium – La Star Du Systeme
  5. Sinister Black – Punk Out With Your Junk Out
  6. The Nailbomb Cults – Volvo Prick
  7. Ricin Curb – Mummy Molested Me
  8. Hellboy – To Disappear
  9. Dirty Drugs – Money Makes the World Go Wrong
  10. Nmesme – Respirator
  11. Stazma – Big Insect Ship
  12. Duran Duran Duran – Ghetto Ghaggers
  13. MeLODIK PiNPON – Fuis Moi Chte Suis, Suis Mois Chte Fui
  14. Ironska – Shadow Boxing
  15. Non Human – Weepy Rastaman is Looking for More Weirdcore

It’s available as a Free Download from the Structural Damage website.

There is also a Nailbomb Cults tracks on the first Structural Damage compilation, released January 2009.

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