Built??? 2001-2004

Built??? 2001-2004 CoverArtist: Nailbomb Cults
Title: Built??? 2001-2004
Label: Self-Released
Cat No: NBCCD001
Date: 2006
Format: Free MP3 Download

1. Dear Whores
2. Lash the 2004’s
3. ZSU
4. Sonam
5. Mischa
6. Ride It Out
7. Dead Rabbit
8. nnnnknn
9. Distloop2
10. Fuck Everything Then Fuck Yrself
11. Droner
12. The Mechanism
13. We Never Sleep
14. Swishy
15. Copra Sanctum
16. The Key (Strings)

A lot of experimental synth-heavy ‘illbient’ and a whole lot of improvised analog noise stuff from back before I sold all my hardware to buy a laptop.

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