The Haunter of the Dark

Haunter of the Dark LP CoverArtist: Nailbomb Cults
Title: The Haunter of the Dark

Label: CITV Mashup Crew
Date: Jan 2008
Format: Free MP3 Download

1. Amentalist Style
2. Mountains of Madness
3. August Underground
4. Ball Crush
5. Broken Air
6. DoubleDrum
7. Cooties
8. Down with the Clown (original by Nwodtlem)
9. FlashNoir
10. Forbidden Secrets of the Women’s Institute
11. Mountains of Madness (Kragle Remix)
12. Amentalist Style (Jakecore Remix)
13. Mountains of Madness (Hellboy Remix)

Dark, hard gabber & breakcore that puts aside the recognisable sample-mashups of my other releases in favour of a more atmospheric/cinematic approach, with obimous reverb-laden synths of counterpoint the bursts of amen/kick assault.

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