Speedbooty Anthems Volume 1

Speedbooty Anthems Volume 1 Cover

Artist: Nailbomb Cults
Title: Speedbooty Anthems Volume 1
Label: Sociopath Recordings
Cat#: SRmp3 079
Date: April 2008
Format: Free MP3 Download


1. Nailbomb Tipsy Bootleg
2. Ass Shaking Comp
3. Booty Nerd
4. Nailbomb Booty Call/Son of Franklinstein
5. At it Like Rabbits
6. Really Partial to the Larger Posterior
7. Agoraphobic Pimpcore Anthem

Atrocious rap gets ripped apart in this selection of 7 booty-shakin’ break-tearin’ and stupidly catchy mashcore tracks. Guaranteed to make something disgusting occur on the dancefloor.

Download zipped with artwork from Sociopath Recordings