Photo of Will - The Nailbomb Cults

The Nailbomb Cults is/are me, Will. I live in Oxford, the famed English university town that I wasn’t clever enough to go to university in. Oxford rules. You should come here.

After basically hating all forms of electronic music for most of my teenage years, I finally saw the light after hearing Atari Teenage Riot in about 1999. I rapidly absorbed the whole DHR back catalogue (which I still love today) and started listening to gabber stuff like Nasenbluten, Ultraviolence and Delta 9, and then around 2004 I started listening to breakcore artists like Shitmat, Doormouse, Venetian Snares, Enduser and Kid606.

Then what?
I started producing music in 2001 on a demo copy of FLStudio 3, which had no save function but allowed me to apply gratuitous amounts of distortion to an unconventional selection of samples at high speed, a process I have been repeating with varying degrees of success ever since.

And you released stuff, right?
Yeah, I started getting tracks out on various breakcore/noise compilations, and putting together my own self releases. You can see much of what I have released on the Releases Page.

Get any gigs out of it?
Yeah, I have played a few live shows from 2005 onwards. Reading-based crew Kraked got me various gigs in Reading with people like Mu-siq and DJ Scotch Egg, and randomly got me played on Radio1 when a track of mine was used to promote the MegaBassRoboOrgy party at the Electrowerkz in London. Impecable gentleman Sean (nwodtleM) from HMCR’s started getting me gigs with the Wrong Music crew down in Brighton where I got on bills with people like Shitmat, Hellfish & Ladyscraper. I fell in with the Oxford-based CITV Mashup and Attack of the… Crews who put on some kick-ass shows in Oxford (and I have them to thank for my first home-town headliner). I’ve played a few shows with the Marrionette Records peeps up in Buxton, always mad a fuck.

And what are you up to at the moment then?
I’m not planning on playing any gigs for the forseeable future but am helping out lovable rascal Hellboy by running the website side of Structural Damage Records (I am a web designer by trade) and working on new Nailbomb Cults material.

Any new releases on the horizon?
Hell yes:

  • I have an album called ‘Degenerator’ on the launch pad, just a bit of mastering to do. It features blistering 13 tracks that were the staple of my live sets from 2006-08.
  • I have the second volume of my ‘Speedbooty’ series almost ready which I hope Sociopath Recordings will do the honours with as they did with volume one. This will be 5-6 kinda silly RnB/hip hop mashups, plus an epic 22 minute cut-up track comprised of bits and bobs of over 70 atrociously recognisable chart hip hop & RnB tracks from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s mashed within an inch of your credibility.
  • I’m excited about the forthcoming Structural Damage Compilation 2 which will feature my track ‘Beatdown’

And other stuff still at the ‘ideas’/demo phase:

  • An EP of extreme splitter-style speedcore as a continuation of the tracks I’ve been doing for Splitterblast Records.
  • A release of dark experimental breakcore tracks inspired by ‘The Killing of America’, an 80’s shockumentary that I am a big fan of.
  • A tribute to Australian cheapcore masters Nasenbluten, who were a big influence on me when I was just getting into hard electronic music.