Splitterblast 25 – When Noise Replaces Life

Splitterblast 25 - V.A. - When Noise Replaces Life

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Splitterblast 25 - V.A. - When Noise Replaces Life

http://nailbombcults.co.uk/releases/splitterblast-25-when-noise-replaces-life/">Splitterblast 25 - When Noise Replaces Life cover

I’m really pleased to have a track on the new compilation from Splitterblast Records ‘V.A. – When Noise Replaces Life’!

The compilation also features 18 tracks from artists like Noisefucker, Passenger of Shit and an amazing 11 minute track from the extraordinary Speedcore Front OST Berlin that’s worth the download alone.

It is available for free download from the Splitterblast Records Website.